In 2014, our company made a decision to raise outward investments.

In order to raise investments we periodically release contracts for cooperation referred to below as "Share". Part of the company profit, remaining
after its development financing, is paid in the form of dividends on the shares.
The dividends payment takes place once a month during the period from 5th to 10th day. The amount of dividend is calculated on the basis of data on the date of payment and depends on the value of the share, the profit of the enterprise and the costs for the modernization of the company and it may reach 100% per annum. You can buy the shares in our office; see the 'contacts'.

The current value of the shares and dividend percentage are always displayed on our website. A file with a history is also available. After purchase, the share is assigned a unique number. You can see it anytime if you download the issued shares base.

The minimum contract value

The minimum contract value for a share is $10. The shares are not registered, so you can sell them to the third parties afterward. To purchase of shares, you must provide an email address and account number of the US bank for payment of dividends. If you bought a share from a third party you need to bring the original shares to our office and number of the bank account to renew the dividend payment. Until you do that, the previous owner of the shares will receive the dividend.

If you lost your share

As the owner of the account your share is assigned to or having a general power of attorney of the account holder, you can restore the lost share in our office, see the "contacts". A duplicate copy will be issued instead of the lost share. The holders of shares with the stamp "copy" can not change the account number that is assigned to the share, so it does not make sense to buy such share. The company may issue shares in an unlimited number, possession of any amount of shares do not confer any rights on the company.

If I work through the agent how do I know what day the dividends and what size of them were paid on my shares?

You can send an e-mail with the code of the share from the mailbox registered for this action to e-mail address and we will send you the payment date and the amount of the last accrued dividends.

You can become our agent.

You can also become our agent and earn money by selling our shares, from anywhere in the world. You can use our symbols on your resources. You can sign a cooperation agreement with us as Agent in our office, see the 'contacts'.




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