TODAY 23.06.2018

Multilayered solar panels.

Classical solar panels occupy large areas that are not always available. The company Green Energy solves this problem by inventing the multilayered solar panel…


Rain generator.

The power plant which uses the energy of falling water to rotate special turbines and generate cheap electricity was invented for countries where there is a rainy season.

The introduction of the technology of replacing the DC motors on trains with three-phase motors with the frequency converter.

This technology allowed to reduce the amount of electric power consumed by trains by 20% and to essentially cover up the human resources excluding the maintenance of the fastidious DC motors.


Complex for natural gas, coke and other energy sources saving in the process of the cast-iron manufacturing.

Due to the hardware-and-software complex "UNT-1000", the temperature of the next cast-iron smelting in the blast furnaces production can be predicted which thereby helps to expend energy resources in the more optimum way.